Jodi Vander Molen has been crafting words for over 20 years: professionally as a poetry editor and proofreader for The Progressive magazine, and at the many open mics and poetry slams her home of Madison, WI offers.

She represents Wisconsin Humanities on the Wisconsin Poet Laureate Commission, has served as a judge for Madison’s annual Moth story-telling GrandSLAM, and has taught young National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) authors the art of finding the “Monsters Within Our Pens.”

Jodi grew up on a small farm, and has kept a journal for 36 years. She is a member of Arts + Literature Laboratory (ALL) and the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets, and is founder of the @Just1Haiku project. Her weekly Tuesday haiku and more work can be found on Instagram @jvwords.


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