City mouse
country mouse

If you hadn’t told me, geez, I wouldn’t have known

Cocktail party impostor
hiding dirt beneath pink fingernails
chewing piece of plastic straw

Make sure there’s not a twang
hold your glass just so

Very pleased to meet you
please excuse me for a bit

Hot cheeks, cool breeze
scream into my head:

Damn you
you forced it from me
this barn of manifesto
built from boards of shame

risk you take when you
goad a savage.

Yeah I read one book too many to stay
lucky to escape the soiled hordes

Surprised that I can write?
Thought I’d scratch it with a stick?

You wanna rein my soar?
You wanna squelch my roar?

Consider this fair warning:

If you touch my head to pat it
I will bite

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