A Good Time

Having just eaten

a lion’s share of:

broasted chicken, ribs, deep fried corn

fritters, buttered baked potato, marshmallow

salad, french dressing, one broccoli floret


Our daughter stretched

out in the booth

upon her uncle’s coat


“Just rest,” my husband tells her and grins,

“We’re getting our money’s worth”


My brother’s phone rings most of the meal

he’s at the table

then in the hall


How’s he doing, says one,

the other declares: call the cops, they’re starving me


He’s a hotline

a broker

a fixer

Clark Kent slipping into a booth


Despite the urgent disruptions,

still seems to calmly eat his fill

pay the tab right under our nose


Soon clear it’s time to go

we sort through our pile of coats

ready to face the forecasted night


It’s gotten surprisingly fierce since we went in,

six-year-old perks up

a sudden hilarity ensues,

we greet the arrival of a good storm


The snow is flying thick and at an angle

car door blown shut in a gust

will cut your leg in two


I’m thrilled to be behind the wheel

scrape the windshield to claim my domain


Pull out into the growing mess

no other vehicles in sight

passengers chattering in the night

over a rocking 70s tune


My full gut says

now this is living

I plant my hands on the steering

and drive



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