Stuck real good

Well, well, well


So you’ve found yourself asleep,

somewhere in the vicinity of 5 a.m.


Sheets a tangled lover

between your thighs and

amongst one set of toes


A train horn blew and jostled you,

now you’ve fallen back asleep

and dropped into a dream


there are dreams and

there are dreams


An endless anxiety

of searching for

a class or books,

then taking a goddamned test

this dream is not that one


Or a conveyor belt of anguish

lurking exes following

your every move,

neither is this that


This is the one where

you’re riding smooth


you’re not necessarily flying

but you’re sure as hell at peace


The content doesn’t matter, be it

a strange and sprawling vista

the best languid sex of your life

magical sails of a thousand ships


It’s not so much the details that speak

to this state of perishable yet true


The plus is that it’s minus

nightmares that plague the conscious mind

days of collective dread at the rise of the sun

the rooster crows for thee


Your singular mind has launched its faceless glory

it exists in the vacuum of you


Nothing like it around,

the only place

you’d want to get stuck


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